HUAWEI, Alessandro Luciani designs the first Experience Store of Huawei in Europe

May 9, 2022

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HUAWEI, Alessandro Luciani designs the first Experience Store of Huawei in Europe


In Milan the designer Alessandro Luciani designed the new HUAWEI Experience Store, the first flagship store of the Chinese brand in Europe conceived as a real immersive experience in the world of Huawei.

It is an eco-sustainable store where customers can have new experiences, try the latest news of the brand, customize products, smartphones, tablets, or PC and, again, listen to music, participate in free training courses, and interact with the latest technology in store.

The focus of the store is the relationship between environment, man, and technology.

In the choice of materials, priority was given to glass, a recyclable and eco-sustainable material, and certified wood, a renewable and recyclable material, which is particularly suitable for creating warm and welcoming spaces.

The project considers the entire life cycle of materials, reducing to a minimum the depth of the material to make it more sustainable in case of disposal, and it is preferred to use locally sourced materials, to reduce transport costs and pollution of the vehicles that must transport them. In addition, the various essences of wood can vary according to the geographical location on the Italian national territory, characterizing the Stores in different regions/cities and making them unique.

Glass is used for most of the walls, for the central tables with an essential design that have the function of displaying and promoting the products and where integrated Digital Lables are inserted, which are monitored by a remote software.

Wood – natural brushed oak of European origin – was used for the remaining walls and elements positioned in front of the large Ledwall at the back, which measures over 42 square meters and has a very high resolution. Everything is managed by a state-of-the-art control system that coordinates the technologies inside the store.

On the walls there are specific areas designed for all products, music, wearable, discover and the customization area where you can print on your cover and laptop a photo, an inscription, or a drawing.

All lighting is LED, on the ceiling there is an accent lighting and a general anti-glare lighting. Luminous strips have been placed in the floor to delimit some spaces and create more atmosphere, especially in the evening.

An original “energy floor” system can produce a minimum amount of electricity as customers pass by, minimal but real, to be visible in the display located on the column positioned between the two entrances.

Alessandro Luciani explains:

“I imagined an eco-sustainable store full of natural vegetation also suitable for indoor environments thanks to the use of the well-tested vertical green walls, which are self-feeding with water and mineral salts and are designed according to the location and its specific characteristics, such as sun exposure, temperature difference, relative humidity, water hardness; all factors that contribute to determine the type and colour of the vegetation. Also in this case, each store will be different from the others and will assume typical features in relation to its geographical location. In the Milan Store, the complex realization for the integration between technologies and ‘vertical garden with real plants and flowers’ has allowed to create something unique and impressive, thanks to the inclusion of some video-led flowers produced exclusively for Huawei”.

The sum of all the elements that go into the project creates the “Store of the Future”, an eco-sustainable store, warm and of great emotional impact, full of real life and empathy.