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New architectural finishes by GAUDÌ


A showroom overlooking Piazza Affari in Milan where style combines with design to enrich the architectural space: here GAUDÌ, a brand belonging to the Russian company Decor Ltd, the manufacturer of a wide range of three-dimensional polyurethane architectural finishes, is presenting its new interiors catalogue to the public. 

The catalogue, designed by art directors Diego Bortolato and Gianluca Re, features over 1,200 products: from wall panels, mouldings, profiles, and frames, to ceiling roses, columns, pilasters, skirting, and niches, a vast array of finishes can be used to give architecture a touch of character and elegance.

In the catalogue, as in the exhibition set up ad hoc for the Milanese showroom, the whole range of products is grouped into four “stylistic” families – Novecento, Neoclassica, Fantasia, and Antiqua – in order to orient the public and provide a concrete service during the design phase. 

In particular, the GAUDÌ collections provide designers with many cues and suggestions for the design of walls and ceilings: decorative features, such as cornices and roses create relief contours, playing with chiaroscuro effects that allow you to customize and enrich an entire room; in addition to the aesthetic aspect, the practical function should not be underestimated: cornices, for example, are useful in protecting the walls, concealing lights, or allowing the passage of conduits.

GAUDÌ’s architectural finishes are made from polyurethane, a plastic material that is non-toxic, very versatile, resistant to weathering and aging, ecological — as it can be recycled and disposed of —, lightweight and easy to install: advantages compared with traditional materials include its longevity, competitive costs, versatility — thanks to which clean shapes and even very complex details can be created —, and aesthetic — as it appears even, compact, and allows an infinite variety of painting techniques and surface finishes. 

As the top manufacturer in Europe of high-density polyurethane profiles, Decor Ltd builds decorative architectural features according to the latest ecological standards of the Russian Federation and the EU; all stages of the production process are also supervised by experienced specialists to reduce their negative environmental impact.

Finally, aiming to present the best product on the market, Decor Ltd uses cutting-edge technology, including the state-of-the-art fully robotized polyurethane moulding line, one of its kind worldwide, and passes through quality control at all stages of production; 99% of the linear profiles produced are also available in a flexible version, have the maximum density of between 350 and 450 kg/m³ and all items with the GAUDÌ trademark are ISO 9001-2011 / 9001: 2008 certified, guaranteeing the highest standards of safety and reliability.