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Ötzi Peak 3251m, the viewing platform by NOA in South Tyrol



Ötzi Peak 3251m is the name of the new viewing platform made of weathering steel built by architecture studio Network of Architecture (NOA) at the peak of Schnals Valley Glacier ridge in South Tyrol, Italy.

Perched 3,251 metres above sea level, Network of Architecture built the viewpoint at the top of the ridge, near to the Hotel Grawand, and the Corten steel viewing platform is an added attraction for hotel guests and visitors to the remote spot.

Ötzi Peak 3251m incorporates the existing summit cross: the architects designed the platform so that it would only touch the ground where structurally necessary, to add to the drama of the experience.

Visitors climb up to the platform via stairs and can enjoy panoramic views from the curving platform; a funnel made of weathering steel encloses part of the platform that juts out over the edge of the ridge framing the mountains beyond.

In addition, a glass railing at the end of this platform provides an unobstructed view of the alpine scene and the glacier below, while slim vertical slats of Corten steel wrap around the rounded platform edge, opening and closing views to visitors as they walk across the structure.

The result is a magic place in a wonderful landscape.