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Palazzo Sistema, the new workplace by Park Associati for Regione Lombardia



Park Associati, Milan-based architectural firm, has won the competition Palazzo Sistema for the new office buildings of Regione Lombardia in Milan, located between via Pola, via Rosellini, via Taramelli, and via Abbadesse, marking off a space that will be both public and protected.

Founded on human and community well-being, Palazzo Sistema is also a starting point for an urban regeneration process of the entire district with the direct involvement of the community that will become its main user.

The building’s emphasis is on its vertical dimension and the project’s focus is on the needs and well-being of man, also thanks to the widespread green of the park which, seeping through the building, becomes an essential element of its internal spaces at all levels.

Designed according to the principles of the Dry Garden, the garden is self-sufficient and requires low maintenance. Thanks to depressions in the ground, rainwater is collected and subsequently slowly drained, thus contributing to climate mitigation. The park is designed to be open to the community, both the users of the new Regione Lombardia headquarters and the entire neighbourhood.

Arising from a horizontal urban dimension, the architectural complex culminates with a 26-storey tower overlooking Via Rosellini. The vertical development is emphasised by a backbone consisting of doubleand triple-height green terraces visible from the outside thanks to modular panels of photovoltaic glass, which eventually finds its expression in a large garden on the roof of the low body.

This uninterrupted relationship with nature generates a biophilic building where sustainable architecture and the quality of the interior workspaces promote the well-being of people.