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Seletti’s new products for 2023


The year 2023 will be rich in new products from Seletti resulting from all its precious collaborations with Marcantonio, Loredana Longo, Diesel Living and, last but not least, Toiletpaper Home.

The collaboration with Marcantonio

The first Seletti’s product worth mentioning is a cutlery set designed by Marcantonio drawing inspiration from the ancient Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold. After the sets of dishes and bowls, the cups, the glasses, as well as the iconic Love in Bloom (a heart-shaped vase enriched by gold veining), Marcantonio completes the family with the cutlery set made of steel. Forks, knives, spoons and teaspoons look as if they have been put back together and their joints are highlighted by gold, which repairs the cracks and emphasises them, a sort of celebration of the rebirth after a traumatic event.

The partnership with Marcantonio also gives birth to two innovative table lamps. The first one is My Moon, in the shape of the moon with its craters, which brings the magic of moonlight inside your house. While the second one is My Little Bonfire and is part of the series called My Little, the family of dioramas created by Marcantonio that, through a ‘set in miniature,’ tell little stories with an open – and still undiscovered – ending.

Finally, for a stylish comic accent in the open air too, here is the garden set Amanita, made of a small table with stools in the shape of a stylised mushroom, those particular and magic mushrooms growing only in enchanted forests. Made of resin and with fluorescent and bright colours, the pieces forming the set have a name that evokes their source of inspiration: Amanita is in fact the scientific name of the largest family of mushrooms, which includes the most poisonous ones as well as those commonly edible.

Other new Seletti’s products

Diesel Living with Seletti presents Crystal Bootie and Classics on Acid. The first is a particular vase in extra-clear glass accurately reproducing a Campero boot. While the second is a collection of extravagant pottery plates in different coloured versions that reinterpret a classical decoration style in table pottery in an irreverent way, thus changing the rules of bon ton and enriching your lunch and dinner with a touch of insanity. Specifically, the collection is composed of dishes with different decorations, besides the 6 already present in the catalogue, and by a series of coordinated bowls plus the glasses with the typical shape of the plates.

Thanks to the help of the artist Loredana Longo, Seletti presents Burnt Carpets, carpets characterised by a series of sentences pronounced by important western leaders and now written in the centre of the carpet. Specifically, for the collection created with Seletti, Longo has chosen quotes by Antonio Guterres, Barak Obama, Edward M. Kennedy and Donald Tusk.

Finally, Toiletpaper Home adds to its already wide home catalogue curtains too. The graphic designs chosen are – needless to say – some the most beloved and iconic of the brand, like Shit, Frames, Eyes&Roses, Snakes, and Lipsticks.