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Progetto CMR, a new customer experience for Leonardo



The town of Sesto Calende, in the province of Varese, is the home of the centre dedicated to training, as well as technology development and flight simulation of Leonardo, an Italian company leader in the airspace sector worldwide.

In this cutting-edge context, Progetto CMR and Progetto Design & Build were charged with the development of the new Digital Customer Experience, a totally digital space located inside a large campus, in a building with a high historical value.

© Progetto CMR – Progetto Design & Build

The space was designed to house and blend different functions, first and foremost to welcome the delegations and client groups who discover and delve into the services offered by Leonardo. In this environment there are also the operating stations of two essential departments: the Diagnostic Service Tower and the FOC – Fleet Operation Center. This latter is a true control tower for the flight operations of the world’s helicopter fleet and for this reason is active 24/7.

© Progetto CMR – Progetto Design & Build

Collaboration and interaction are always ensured by the presence of informal areas in the different departments, which foster and support the creative work of all the teams. In these areas, the glass walls equipped with soundproof curtains provide transparency and brightness, while safeguarding privacy.

The architecture of this space features an entry gate, where photos and historic documents of the company are displayed in well-lit cases with a modern look, openly in contrast with the existing image of the building.

© Progetto CMR – Progetto Design & Build

Through this first space, users are thrown into a new dimension: a technological gallery which projects them into Leonardo’s world through lights, sounds and images. From here they can reach directly the collaborative areas furnished with technological systems and the spaces equipped for collective work.

To support the concept of ‘immersion,’ which envelops the users who visit the offices, an entire graphic project was developed, in parallel with the interior architecture. The keywords describing Leonardo originate a graphic sign that defines the hi-tech language of the whole work, in compliance with the graphic guidelines of the brand. Circles, lines, numbers, and dots combine and play together to characterise walls, glass walls and furniture.

© Progetto CMR – Progetto Design & Build

In conclusion, the aim of the project for the new Leonardo offices is enabling the employees to work in a smart and efficient way, while building relationships and a network of connections with the visitors. All this in line with the pioneering values shaping the company identity.