SG, the playful clinic for children’s teeth

October 6, 2020

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SG, the playful clinic for children’s teeth


In Schio (Italy) Atelier Giavenale has designed the interiors of the Dentist Clinic SG, a dental clinic dedicated to children and inspired by values of playfulness and transparency in order to promote the exchange and interaction between patients and their parents.

Three distinct areas are created within the main space thanks to the use of curtains hanging from circular rails; in addition, to reinforce the limit of these spaces, there are custom-made carpets that regain the perimeter of the curtains on the ground.

The layout of the internal space aims to create a light and relaxing atmosphere, where the sense of protection and intimacy combine with the pastel shades of the furnishings and the use of natural materials.

The furniture is designed so that it can be easily moved, changing the layout of the room and promoting new configurations, permitting to use the room differently every day; the walls have been painted with special paint transforming them into blackboards, with different drawings which appear every day.

In general, Dentist Clinic SG is conceived to convey a friendly and relaxed mood, eliminating the classic social barriers and mixing different worlds within the same space, dedicated to children.