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Slowear18, the mixology bar meets the clothing store


Located in the heart of Milano (Via Solferino 18) and designed by Italian studio Visual Display, Slowear18 is the new combination of mixology bar&café with a clothing store: an innovative retail experience enclosed amid the thick walls and arches of a classic building in the city.

Slowear18 interior is characterized by defined shapes and bold colors: in particular, the floor is made in green resin, the walls dissolve from a warm white to gray, interrupted by turquoise transparencies and ultramarine blue curtains.

In addition, the three large arches on the façade leave the space completely open towards the city and the bar counter completes the space: it is also formed in green resin and it is characterised by brass details with a dramatic backdrop of turquoise mirrors.

The protagonist of Slowear18 space is the theater machine in the center of the floor plan: during the day this serves as a product exhibit system and chandelier, while in the evening, it drops down to become a display case and bar counter for patrons.

Cocktails and fashion: the essence of Italian way of life.