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The new metal finishes by antoniolupi


antoniolupi presents the new precious finishes conceived to enrich the iconic Flumood collections: the warmth and brillance of bronze and brass interact with colored or white sinks made of this groundbreaking material to create elegant and contemporary objects and enhance both simple and linear shapes, complex figures as well as smooth or articulated surfaces, enveloping them and underlining their three-dimensional shape.


The objects by antoniolupi have a new identity thanks to the alternation of colors which embellish their iconic image with a new and sparkling look.


In particular, the special coating with metal liquid (in copper and brass finish) is a technologically advanced process that allows the deposition of real metal microparticles on the surface to make the finish homogeneous, covering every little detail, technology that gives a resistant and refined armor to the elements made of Flumood.


On the other hand, metal powder coating is a process applied to the sink Plissè and it is available in 5 finishes: Iron, Brass, Corten, Copper and Bronze.


In conclusion, the metal paint process is proposed on Albume sink designed by Carlo Colombo, Simplo washbasin designed by AL Studio, Mastello tub designed by Mario Ferrarini and Plissè sink designed by Paolo Ulian.

For a unique, timeless bathroom.