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Sounds Familiar Store, the heart of music in Rome



The store had to reflect clubbing and the familiarity that distinguishes the brand; to be a space to display merchandising and design objects, but also a cozy and relaxed environment, inviting visitors to browse vinyls; a welcoming home for old friends, a reference point for enthusiasts and insiders, and at the same time be a pleasant stop for the curious passers-by. All in just 40 square meters.”

Matteo Soddu, co-founder of STUDIOTAMAT, explains the concept of the new store that celebrates ten years of activity for Sounds Familiar, a music label founded in 2013 which has established a presence and following in the club culture and music circuit and as a clothing and accessories brand.

The space, located in the heart of Trastevere in Rome, was an old garage: STUDIOTAMAT transformed it into a new trendy hub for the capital’s vinyl lovers.

Behind the solid walls of the former car shed, a false ceiling veils large wooden beams worn out by woodworm, brought to light by the Roman studio through a long process of cleaning and restoration. The modest dimensions of the space did not allow for major masonry interventions, except for a new functional area dedicated to the storage of goods, hidden by a full-height curtain.

The architects have focused on an open and versatile layout, which allows the space to be transformed from a store into a listening room, from a meeting point to a stage, which can host a DJ set and performance.

In a central position, the flexible structure of the counter, which houses the register, serves as a hanger for sweaters and sweatshirts, transforms into a dressing room and becomes a console for live sessions.

Listening stations, shelving and disc racks lend themselves to different space configurations. The integrated and mobile furnishings are designed to be easily assembled and positioned according to the different needs: the vinyl cubes, for example, arranged one above the other, can be placed next to the console; the seat — a perforated sheet metal bench 45 cm high like the cubes —can be positioned near the vinyl racks or in front of the console, which measures double its height, in a harmonious game of proportions and possibilities.

Uniform from a chromatic and structural perspective, to bring homogeneity to the space, all the furnishing elements are made with an iron structure and powder-coloured in lobster shade. The bold color palette, which mixes bright and enveloping colors with colder tones, such as the indigo of the walls, is accompanied by the skillful mix of textures and finishes.

No detail is accidental: from the contrast between the elegance of the metal elements and the rough texture of the wood of the ceiling beams and certain accessories, to the floor, with the softness of the compact and semi-glossy texture of the purple carpet, evoking ‘70s vibes, and the double-thickness chenille curtain in high quality polypropylene fibers, which acts as a huge theatrical backdrop for the console. Partially echoing the tone of the plastered walls, it texturally intersperses ice-colored fringes.

The Sounds Familiar Store also offers a wide selection of accessories, publications and design objects, while a vibrant calendar includes special events and collaborations with DJs and visual artists in order to create a sort of cultural hub entirely dedicated to music.