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C.space, the new experimental space in Milan



C.space is an experimental space designed by Co.arch together with Designtech in the nascent Certosa District, a developing area north-west of Milan, within the forging office campus.

It is an innovative hub born with the assumption of being a hybrid physical and digital space, which opens onto the neighborhood and Milan.

The particularly small size, compared to the campus, has made it possible to make it an almost domestic oasis. Inside there are three main spaces, starting from a very flexible event room for about 30 people suitable for informal meetings, small events but also courses or sports or recreational activities, already equipped for any streaming and video.

The kitchen area overlooks it, perfectly equipped, and it would itself be conceived as a hybrid space for small design thinking sessions, functioning in a complementary way to the main room.

The third is the podcast room, an advanced and wired meeting room with all the equipment for 4k streaming with the background of the city on one side and a green wall on the other into which the video streaming devices are inserted.

These spaces are designed with the greatest possible flexibility to make them suitable for temporary rental through corporate partnership mechanisms. The concept of design thinking lounge is also innovative.

The idea of ​​the live showroom provided the starting point for composing an interior that gave the possibility to experience the products and materials but also to apply the most innovative technologies without interruption. The architects involved important partners such as Ernesto Meda, Ceramica Vogue, Tarkett, Arpa and Fenix, Quadrifoglio but also Kreon for the lighting and Schneider Electric for all the domotics present inside the space, Hwstyle for greenery.

This synergistic approach has enabled the creation of a space that is pioneering and can be replicated in other cities.