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STONED by Stefano Pujatti, a reinterpretation of concrete and stone


STONED is the name of the new residential project designed by Stefano Pujatti, Italian architect and founder of studio ElasticoSPA: a single family house and an attached guest house located in the Italian comune of San Quirino, where the architect has integrated contemporary mansonry techniques with traditional Italian architecture.

The building is distinguished by its materiality, a reinterpretation of traditional concrete and stone, which is used as a contemporary element to mantain harmony with its context; consequently, many of the walls of the original structure have been preserved.

In addition, Pujatti treats the apertures, wall panels and screens as an harmonious composition with close attention to points of connection; on the other hand, the two buildings are characterized by an insulated envelope and low energy consumption system, thanks to drywall and wood panels which contrast the austerity of the concrete and stone walls.

The fundamental role of the light is generated by the balance between large apertures and small punch windows while a skylight overhead the entrance enhances the perception of the interior space; moreover, large openings facing both south and west are shielded from the sun by a curtain of “flying stones”, that expresses the traditional materiality with a new aesthetic use. 

Last but not least, STONED has been nominated for the EU Mies Award 2019, another important recognition for the quality of the project.