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Studio Fuksas redesigns Fontvieille in the Principality of Monaco


The super glamourous Principality of Monaco has chosen Italian studio Fuksas to change the look of Fontvieille, the southernmost ward of the State: the aim is to renovate the district and the port by grouping new cultural, commercial and public spaces within a connected structure, conceived as a “hill” that connects the sea to the city.

The building is characterised by curved lines and geometric design: according to the architects, the project is inspired by the movement of the waves and the topography of the seabed so as to create a dialogue with the natural elements of the landscape.

Different colors have been used for the floor, furniture, and ceiling of each of the building’s five storeys: the ground floor is red, a color that refers to the tiles in the historic center of Monaco; the first floor is a sea blue; the second floor is lavender, like the flower that grows in the south of France; the third floor is ocher, mirroring the tones of the surrounding facades; finally, in the hanging rooftop garden, the gray used mimics the cliffs of the French riviera.

In addition, commercial spaces are located along a covered space, communicating directly to the outside; on the other hand, at every level the central space opens onto a terrace facing the sea.

The ecological aspect is also fundamental: its importance is represented by the “green corridor” between the rock and the exotic garden which introduces nature into the urban space.