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The Cascina Merlata project by Alessandro Scandurra


In the context of the transformation of Cascina Merlata area in Milan, the architect Alessandro Scandurra has designed a new residential complex destined to become a lively part of the new Uptown Distirct of the city.

The intervention consists of two residential areas, crossed by a private space with the function of a public bypass linking the school complex and Cascina Merlata (south) to the areas of future Expo developing (north).

The project aims to create an open residential system concordant to the existent urban structure and the landscape, while the development of the blocks is delimited by the urban park (west) and by a secondary road (east): between these two boundaries, the potentiality of the open space extends throughout an inner route, composed of a sequence of urban areas linked to one another and to the park. 

In addition, the disposition of the buildings is large-scale regulated by axes, trajectories and perspectives; small anchor points in the main public routes, hubs and intersections, together with entrances and transparencies contribute to develop a system of relationships which cooperates with the total project of the plan, where each part becomes necessary to the construction of a unitary, varying and complex system. 

An innovative residential experiment designed to be another important part of the housing development in the city.