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The Gasometer House by 02A studio in Rome



The Gasometer House, located on the slops of Monteverde in Rome, is the name of the apartment renovated by 02A studio in order to free the house from a forest of partitions the imprisoned the space, composed of a series of rooms all of the same size, followed one another without any hierarchical or functional relationship.

The renovation therefore consisted in removing the elements of separation with the outside, dominated by a terrace with a view on the famous Gazometro, a real icon of industrial archeology in Rome.

With the exception of the bedroom in front of the entrance, now all rooms are open and look out.

The kitchen exploits a handcrafted obtuse corner, while the hallway, study and living room, thanks to a system of sliding panels, gain that indefinable relationship given by the mobile boundaries, a control of spatial permeability in the service of needs, light, mood.

The stylistic approach is characterized by the respect of the pre-existence of the 50’s both at the conservative level (doors, railings) and with reinterpretation interventions, not so much as design as atmosphere: the wallpaper in the bedroom, the pastel colors of the kitchen, the fireplace and the sliding panels recall the vitality and optimism typical of the second post-war period.

On this basis, the architects added designer furniture and industrial grafts (evoking the gasometer, which is always there, in sight) as the concrete pillar, the shelf under the iron beam or part of the electrical system in sight.

The result is a house alive and full of perspectives, which invites every time to be discovered.