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The new Apple Store Via Del Corso in Rome



The famous architecture studio Foster + Partners worked together with Apple again to design the new Apple Store Via Del Corso situated on one of the most vibrant streets in Rome, bringing the historic Palazzo Marignoli back to life.

The design reveals the building’s fascinating and multi-layered history by unveiling painted ceilings and frescoes from the 1890s juxtaposed with modern graffiti artworks from the 1950s; the façade towards Via del Corso has also been carefully restored, its large windows allowing views into the store and towards a beautiful internal courtyard.

Entry to the store is through a historic passage that leads to the courtyard flanked by two generous and striking spaces that celebrate the grandeur of the historic palazzo; the arches and vaults of the central passage are lined with Carrara stone and are an ideal setting for all customers to be inspired by Apple’s latest products and the artwork that surrounds them.

The courtyard is a remnant of the 16th century monastery and its garden, forming a peaceful green heart offering respite from the busy shopping street; the Camphora trees with their soft canopies offer dappled shade, creating a welcoming atmosphere for visitors, and leafy vistas up to the lush courtyard terrace on the piano nobile; in addition, the historic lanterns that were found on the site have been carefully restored by local specialists using high-efficiency LEDs that mimic traditional candlelight.

The original monumental staircase leads you to the piano nobile, meticulously restored with its original Carrara marble detailing and the original skylight which was built over during a previous refurbishment has been restored.

The first floor houses the Apple Forum within the vaulted former ballroom and the space adjacent to the grand ballroom features an elaborate geometrically patterned, hand-painted ceiling, which was discovered during the course of construction and restored; inspired by historic Roman roof terraces, the space is filled with fragrant jasmine vines and olive trees, looking down onto the canopy of trees in the courtyard, offering another delightful place for visitors to unwind and relax.

In conclusion, Apple Via del Corso is a celebration of the past and future and delicately articulates the different eras of history, creating a harmonious juxtaposition of old and new, and takes this building with so much history into its next phase of life.