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The new Green Courtyard by Stefano Boeri in Milan


Corte Verde (Green Courtyard) is the name of the project designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti in partnership with Arassociati for the site of Via San Cristoforo in Milan, in the heart of the so-called Quartiere della Creatività (Creativity Quarter).

A courtyard home, like the Lombardy tradition, at the center of a green space, that connects two parts of the city, currently separated. Our project for San Cristoforo is an homage to Milan, to Urban Forestry and the water system that passes through our territory” explained the architect Stefano Boeri. 

The project consists of a single courtyard building with growing height, placed at the center of an articulated system of public greenery and paths, and is able to  integrate the organic element as an active material of the architecture: the aim is to create a multimodal device to stimulate the open and dynamic usage of the public spaces and promote interaction and exchange. 

The open courtyard culminates in a kind of pinnacle pointing north, towards Piazza Napoli, while, towards the south, the structure extends into a large public garden, directly connected with the system of canals and in visual relation with the small suburb of San Cristoforo.

The building presents a rising spiral form and a large access portal, whose cover grows with a continuous pattern: the high-efficiency photovoltaic panels that completely cover the surface also define a strongly impactful expressive and chromatic theme.

In addition, the three main facades are marked by an alternating system of balconies, developed to host plants and tall trees, while on the internal side of the courtyard a pattern of loggias generates a “checkerboard” of full and empty spaces, guaranteeing a high level of natural illumination in the internal spaces, while also amplifying the visual link between the interior and exterior of the building. 

In conclusion, this project expresses again Stefano Boeri’s concept of architecture integrated with landscape and nature, expanding the idea of his Bosco Verticale to another area of the city.