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Stilnovo launches Gravita lamp


Gravita is a lamp conceived in 1969 but never produced due to technical limitations. 

Anyway, today the Gravita lamp, designed by Antonio Macchi Cassia for Stilnovo, is finally on the market and now listed for a Golden Compass.

It a table lamp consisting of a pair of spheres: one in glass and a metal satellite that can be oriented in any direction; the metal sphere is cut in the lower part and is fixed inside the glass one.

The two parts are held together by magnets that adhere perfectly to the curved surface of the glass: in this way the metal sphere can slide and rotate freely on the surface of the glass sphere, changing the orientation of the light beam.    

The two spheres correspond to two lamps, with independent lighting, which generate two different types of light: the glass sphere returns a diffused light, the metal sphere an oriented light. 

For the realization of the glass sphere, Stilnovo asked Venetian master glassblowers to blow the glass, maintaining the same thickness in every point and creating a real masterpiece.