The Pink Closet by Cristina Celestino in Ravello

August 9, 2019

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The Pink Closet by Cristina Celestino in Ravello

Immersed in the spectacular landscape of the Amalfi Coast, the Palazzo Avino hotel is a luxury five-star hotel located inside a historic building on the cliffs of Ravello, an extraordinary setting where the Italian designer Cristina Celestino has created The Pink Closet, an exclusive boutique bathed in pink.

Inspired by the building’s surroundings, The Pink Closet stands a few meters from the hotel entrance and can be accessed through a store window that overlooks the street: inside, high ceilings with a soaring cross vault envelop the space and, on the floor, inlaid polychromatic marble stands out, recreating the changing shades of the seabed, from tones of aquamarine green to liberty green and to aegean pink.

The environment is characterized by the finishes and materials which connote the architectonic elements and the furnishings, between smooth and textured surfaces: transparencies and reflecting antique mirrors pervade the space while some accessories recall the sea, like the wall, partially covered in enamelled ceramic shells in a mix of pale green and pink.

A visual and tactile experience, a hymn to beauty in all its forms.

Image Courtesy of Cristina Celestino.