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The rotating house in Northern Italy


Architecture lovers should visit a house located near the city of Rimini in Northern Italy designed by the Italian architect Roberto Rossi. Why is it so special? Because it can rotate 360 degrees.

The ability of the house to rotate was requested by the client from the very beginning, on one hand to be able to change the point of view on the landscape, but also because of his passion for machines and mechanisms.

So, balanced on a central pillar, the octagonal house can be mechanically rotated in both directions to give its owner varied views; the rotation is also used to direct the house’s solar panels towards the sun.

The house was constructed by Italian building contractor ProTek and the challenge was to keep the building lightweight and to allow it withstand traumas caused by its rotation: this is the reason why the structure has a steel frame, with walls made of wooden strips, and insulation panels of hemp and wood fibre.

In addition, the solar panels are fitted on the roof and, thanks to the rotation, they are able to take full advantage of the sun at all times of the day, so we can say that the house generates all of its own energy; moreover, the house is also equipped with a heat pump and a solar thermal system. 

An interesting experiment and a remarkable innovation model for architecture in general.