URBAN 2020 Photo Awards: New Buildings prize shortlist announced

July 1, 2020

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URBAN 2020 Photo Awards: New Buildings prize shortlist announced


Iconic buildings, extraordinary structures, constructions that have helped change the look of the city over the past ten years: they are the protagonists of the 30 best photographs selected in the first shortlist of the special New Buildings prize promoted by Matrix4Design in collaboration with URBAN Photo Awards for the year 2020.

The pictures, that represent the new, up-to-date tendencies of the project and the changes of the urban landscape, have been judged by Matrix4design editor Andrea Boni and by the photographer Federica Nardese, who aimed to enhance contemporary architectural photography, focused on new and super new constructions, on the brilliant minds of the starchitects, on the buildings that reshape the skylines of big cities and change the look of neighborhoods.

Federica Nardese explains:

The choice of the artists in the shortlist was guided both by basic technical aspects, such as compositional ability, attention to lines and details, quality of the shot and post production and, above all, by the ability to tell a story demonstrated by the selected photographers.”

‘New Buildings’ means highlighting the innovative strength of a building in the urban fabric of a community, of a city. Our attention was therefore focused on all those aspects that have been able to enhance both the building itself, the real protagonist of the shot, and the point of view of the photographer who created the image – the photographer says. – All the photos selected have, in our opinion, a narrative and technical synergy that speaks of the building in its context in an innovative and photographically exciting way.”

Photographers who try their hand at architectural photography always amaze me for their ability to see and enhance the shapes of buildingsAndrea Boni concludes. – What I am looking for in this kind of images is precisely the artist’s ability to capture the essence of the structure, integrated into the surrounding environment.”

The winning photo will be displayed in the exhibition of URBAN winners and will be published in the photo book URBAN unveils the city and its secrets – Vol. 06, containing the best pictures of the 2020 edition of the contest.

In addition, the author will be hosted for two nights in Trieste, during Trieste Photo Days festival 2020, in order to attend the prize giving ceremony and Matrix4Design will also publish an exclusive interview with the author.

Below is the gallery of the 30 best photographs selected from over one hundred images received; in mid-July the ten finalist photographs will be announced.