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Bencore: Composite panels for Architecture and Design


Lightness, structurality, transparency, design and sustainability.

Composite panels with a honeycomb structure known all over the world

Bencore is one of the leading international players in the production of composite panels for the world of architecture and interior design. The Company produces and sells materials, systems and products of high technological, qualitative and aesthetic level, using innovative and patented technologies for the production of 100% Italian composite panels in thermo-resins with honeycomb structure.

The unique characteristics of Bencore materials allow the Company itself to collaborate with architectures, designers and general contractor from all over the world and to also provide them with customize solutions If needed.

Bencore History

Bencore was founded in 1999 to develop an innovative and patented technology for the production of composite panels in thermo-resins. The product was initially designed as a support for precious materials, such as marble and natural stones.  Subsequently, enhancing its aesthetic and structural potentialities, Starlight (a transparent composite panel) was developed and, from that moment, Bencore’s focus turned to the development of specific materials for interior architecture and design. Nowadays, innovation is a key word for Bencore and each product represents a new starting point to meet new market needs and trends.

Bencore Sustainability

Reducing the environmental impact to a minimum and having control over the entire life cycle of materials have become almost imperative for Bencore. The brand, in fact, has always been very keen on circular economy and sustainability and, since 2010, it’s a member of the Green Building Council, a professional community operating in the field of sustainable construction that promotes and supports the transition of the market towards sustainability through the promotion of a third-party certification system and certification protocols (GBC systems) whose parameters set precise criteria for the design and construction of healthy, energy-efficient buildings with low environmental impact.

Bencore has also developed its own approach to the world of re-use summarized in the concept of the three Rs: Recollection, Recycle and Reuse. With this approach it is possible to give second life to abandoned plastics and thus reduce the environmental impact to a minimum.

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