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Since 2000 Damast designs, produces and markets functional shower systems focusing on quality, efficiency and eco-sustainability. Online also on www.doccetteria.it and www.showerland.it.

Shower heads, latches, shower panels and columns, hand showers, shut-off, arms and accessories. For almost 20 years, Damast has been offering the market innovative products “on a personal scale”, to give shape to a true “shower culture” as a moment of serenity and well-being, always with an eye to saving water.

Dynamic, young and clever, three words to define an exquisitely unique way of being Made in Italy, combining high quality, style, freshness and originality. This is the essence of Damast, a Piedmontese company based in Invorio, in the province of Novara, founded in 2000 and specialized in the design, production and marketing of functional shower systems.

Shower heads, latches, shower panels and columns, hand showers, shut-off, arms and accessories. Not only tools that convey water in an efficient and sophisticated way, but also wellness and pleasure devices in the bathroom, as well as relaxation and comfort.

This and much more contains the concept of #doccetteria launched by the company, which has always been a promoter of a real “shower culture”, pleasant, efficient and eco-sustainable. A real world of solutions that, alongside the institutional website www.damast.it, finds expression also in two dedicated websites, where it is possible to examine the main product lines and Damast’s strengths: www.doccetteria.it and www.showerland.it.

“At Damast – explains Concetta Mastrolia, CEO of Damast – we see the shower as a moment that we dedicate to ourselves that brings peace and serenity thanks to the encounter with water in a functional and pleasant environment. The #doccetteria is a world in which we have always recognized ourselves, a sector other than taps: the time has come to underline this distinction. With commitment and passion we look at the ability to govern water through products endowed with their own dignity and nowadays more and more bearers of well-being “.

A well-being that goes hand in hand with attention to the environment. Damast has in fact been involved for years in the front line in water-saving awareness campaigns and in the promotion of products with Water Saving and Air System technologies, water-saving devices designed to guarantee, in addition to maximum comfort, the protection of resources water. In particular, the company offers showers that preserve water waste while maintaining a well-bodied jet. A sensitivity that represents a plus value and projects the company even more towards the future.

This far-sighted and articulated vision of Damast in the shower world translates into a rich catalog of creative, high quality, innovative and modern products, designed according to the “Design for All” philosophy, tailored to the person (even child, senior, disabled).

The shower becomes synonymous with versatility, a habit that is the same for everyone and yet different for everyone. And for almost 20 years Damast has been working on research and development to respond to every need with articles that can satisfy personal preferences. “Accepting a customer’s requests means understanding their needs, sometimes anticipating market trends, guiding them through the purchasing process and suggesting the product” is the philosophy that drives the company.

From a personal and custom-made product perspective, Damast articles – a real peculiarity – can be combined together in multiple solutions. An extra opportunity for customers, which the company has called “the intelligent equation”: the ability to mix elements as a boost to creativity.

Damast products are born on the hills of Novara near Lake Orta – the beating heart of the Rubinetteria and Valvolame District – and from there they leave to reach destinations all over the world, also thanks to the company’s proximity to the main highways and international communication routes.

Damast is part of a structured industrial center, capable of managing an orderly and precise production chain. On its 25,000 square meters area are located the factories dedicated to production, assembly, quality control; an exhibition showroom; the office building, the nerve center of the company and its internal Style Center and two large logistics warehouses. In addition to the canteen space, the structure also houses a library and a multi-purpose room that hosts exhibitions, events, installations, a meeting place between the world of #doccetteria, design and the great passion for art that pervades the company.

To connect the individual establishments, a covered “umbilical cord” that winds and that not only protects, but also unites and symbolizes the synergy between production and know-how, awareness and foresight, tradition and innovation. Complete this large productive citadel a lush green lung of 2,500 square meters, composed of an orchard and a park planted with trees, hedges and ornamental greenery.

This is the blend that from 2000 to today, year after year, has been able to make Damast an established and constantly growing reality, increasingly appreciated by customers.


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