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Affrescati collection, Ceramiche Refin recreates the enchantment of mural painting



The tradition of ceramics meets the history of frescoes in Affrescati, the new collection by Ceramiche Refin, that has made an exciting journey into the beauty of Italian art, immersing itself completely in the ancient techniques of mural painting to give life to an original surface with great character that can cover various types of surfaces.

The result is a real fresco, created in the cutting-edge laboratory of Ceramiche Refin and transformed into an exclusive decorative ceramic surface, deeply textured and rich in colour contrasts; in particular, the reaction between the background lime and the pigments makes it possible to attenuate the chromatic tones and generate a range of different shades, with a slightly worn-out effect.

The collection is characterised by its exquisitely textured surfaces, enriched by spatula marks, imperceptible waves and a careful chromatic stratification that evoke in a single moment the link with the best artistic heritages of Italian history; the sponge technique in particular transforms each slab into a surface steeped in craftsmanship, with a unique and unpredictable character.

The sensation of being in front of a fresco is further reinforced by the presence of cracks and chemical reactions dotting the surfaces, but also by the scrupulous choice of colours – Calce, Ocra, Ombra, Lapis and Terra -, all shades that clearly recall the colours of the wall art, together with their typical heritage and dusty appearance.

The collection is also enriched by the Giotto decoration, specially designed for walls and floors, with its monochromatic blue background inspired by the sky painted in the Scrovegni chapel.

The evocative power of the frescoes has been projected into modernity also thanks to the qualities of a material such as stoneware: thanks to it, Affrescati is able to offer versatile and suggestive decorative surfaces, bringing the frescoes to the floor for the first time.

With the new collection by Ceramiche Refin, the fresco becomes the link between past and present, triggering new design surfaces and instilling authentic emotions in every context.