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Aliante, Rimadesio’s new glass cabinet for the living area



Lightness and transparency distinguish Aliante, the new glass cabinet for the living area designed by Giuseppe Bavuso for Rimadesio.

It is a precious glass box whose internal accessories – glass shelves and wooden drawer unit – are suspended on a totally concealed structure, expressing a rigorous, geometric style.

In fact, the structural thicknesses in aluminum are reduced to a minimum so that the transparent glass and the integrated LED lighting system can enhance the objects on display.

In addition, it concentrates a series of exclusive technical solutions such as the expressive glass doors whose special opening system excludes the presence of side panels, unsightly screws or visible joints, thanks to a thin aluminium structure and a distinctive glass assembly technique that gives the cabinet a sense of pure aesthetic lightness. The key locking system has also been specially designed.

Like all Rimadesio products, also Aliante glass cabinet is made by following the principles of the safeguarding of the environment and its resources, through a production process powered by solar energy, aimed at the creation of long lasting goods. This is the reason why Aliante is made by using glass and aluminum, 100% recyclable, with a view to a circular economy that aims at reducing waste to zero.