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Altaj, the golden mountain inspires the new door by Lualdi



On the occasion of Milano Design City Lualdi has recently presented Altaj, the new door designed by SBGA | Blengini Ghirardelli and inspired by the “golden mountain”, that is the mountain range in Central Asia that ever since the Bronze Age has been renowned for its artistic influence on neighboring China.

Altaj is designed to go beyond the minimalism of a door flush with the wall: indeed, the door does not disappear into the wall, but is actually highlighted by the metal profile that frames the door and enhances the finish; the decorative aspect of the door thus emerges from the wall, underlining its symbolic meaning of crossing, of passage.

Altaj – explains the architect Mr Blengini – was born from the desire to combine the simplicity of the forms with technological research and performance. Pushing to the limits the expressive potential of this object and its possibilities for customization“.

Altaj in fact consists of a thin frame which, extending out from the wall with a minimum thickness of 1.5 cm, takes on a threadlike appearance; the edge that runs round all four sides thus creates the three-dimensionality of the object, both when seen aligned with the wall, as well as the opposite, when the door is contained in the niche created by the thickness of the wall.

The symmetry of the frame and the absence of a striker make the door a very effective decorative element, even when it is in the open position.

Finally, because it is so light, Altaj lends itself to being covered with different materials, from wood to gres, from leather to wallpaper, to create well defined visual effects and become the key element of the space thanks to an unmistakable and innovative feature.