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Antolini Stoneroom, the hub of marble and natural stone in Milan



On the occasion of Fuorisalone, the first Antolini Stoneroom opened in the center of Milan, a space where the absolute protagonist is natural stone, narrated through the vision and experience of the Verona-based company, a leader in the selection, processing and distribution of a very wide, exclusive range of natural materials.

This location, dedicated to architects, designers and curious visitors from around the world and designed by Alessandro La Spada on a 600-square-meter display area with eight windows, invite to discover the infinite charm of natural stone in all is versions and applications.

Architectural elements, layouts, displays and an effective retail concept reflect Antolini’s leadership in best practices, in Italy and worldwide: the use of innovative and sustainable industrial processes, research and development of avant-garde technologies, including many patents, fine craftsmanship, a tradition of selection and crafting of natural stones, and the ongoing pursuit of beauty.

The magnificence of the displays, through formats and fixtures honed down to the smallest details, intersects with in-depth research and the possibility of choice of the materials, as in a store offering high fashion fabrics.

Starting with the panoply of choice among 1300 natural materials available and in stock, Antolini MilanoDuomo presents professionals and clients with over 5000 samples in exclusive formats, confirming the company’s mission of combining knowledge and discovery, creativity and exceptional design.

Visitors to the Antolini Stoneroom can admire stones from the Exclusive Collection, Textures+, the Natura Collection, and the Precioustone, Gemstone and Shellstone, Perception and Couture series and the store provides the possibility of direct experience, in actual size, of slabs taken from large blocks of natural stone.

The spectacular styling of the location incorporates various areas of the décor sector: residences, offices, hospitality and retail. Hence the hub becomes a lab, to stimulate – through the use of infinite varieties of natural stone, interpreted in wall facings, surfaces and floors, islands, furnishing complements, as well as items like shelving, desks and tables – an idea of luxurious interior design, contemporary and ancient at the same time. The facility offers personalized services for clients, thanks to 360° consulting that starts with the technical characteristics of the stone and extends to its aesthetic qualities, by way of the possible applications in interior design projects.

Antolini Stoneroom is a tribute to the creativity of Nature, the ingenuity of Man, the city of Milan, the home of the exclusive materials of Antolini, which are living, shapeable matter, offering infinite strength and beauty.