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Antolini, the beauty of outdoor surfaces designed by nature



Caring for the interior of a home goes hand in hand with caring for outdoor spaces. Natural stone can be a winning choice in terms of style and performance: Antolini outdoor proposals are suitable for external paving, as they do not undergo variations, even with the most adverse atmospheric agents such as temperature changes and increasingly acid rain. In particular, hard, stronger and more resistant natural stones such as granites, quartzites and crystals are preferable, while marbles and soft quartzites are by their nature more docile and delicate.

Bardiglio Bianco Carrara – Antolini

Moreover, to decorate the flooring even more and bring a special touch of style to all spaces, it is possible to finish the coverings with one of the numerous finishes of the Textures+ Collection. Particularly noteworthy is Safe Finish, which with its almost imperceptible engraving on the surface creates a greater grip, making it non-slip: the ideal solution for poolside flooring or environments subject to heavy rain.

Travertino – Antolini

Natural stone for outdoors

Bright red brushstrokes alternate with grey, green and black in an interweaving of colours that find their ultimate expression in a truly extraordinary quartzite: Elegant Brown from the Exclusive Collection. Resistant and compact by nature, this quartzite is ideal for outdoor applications.

Silver Grey is an exclusive granite by Antolini® with many facets. A perfect architectural solution to generate a strong aesthetic impact given by a deep black from which bursts an organic network of grey shades.

Silver Grey – Antolini

For those who do not want to give up the charm of marble, Antolini® recommends the most durable and resistant marbles of the Natural Stone Collection: Travertino, Bardiglio and Bianco Carrara.

Travertino is a strong and docile rock, with a light colour: used for outdoor cladding, it gives a touch of light to outdoor environments. Bardiglio also belongs to the resistant marble family: with its neutral, bright colour, it is the perfect stone for creating a refined balance between interior and exterior. Bianco Carrara is the marble par excellence, a metamorphic rock formed by carbon crystals that give microscopic light spots to the light background.

Woodstone Collection Elegant Brown Quarzite Freewood Design – Antolini

The result is an exterior design full of charm, designed by nature and forged by man.