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Baia, the curvilinear comfort of Bross new armchair



Enveloping, comfortable, elegant: the perfect adjectives to describe Baia, the new armchair designed by Marco Zito for Bross, characterized by curved shape and solid wood legs with a circular section, which extend vertically on the back and front, where they define the armrests.

The shell is composed of a soft seat and a seatback that continues on both sides at the same height, for an ergonomic result, accentuated by the particular padding technique. The padding is modeled according to different rules – horizontally or vertically – in the two versions envisaged by the product family, with a wave effect of different thicknesses that create a pleasant decorative effect.

The back presents a shell upholstery with smooth finish and visible seams in the upper profile that recall Bross’ handcrafted approach.

Baia may be customized in leather or fabric and the structure can be selected in different varieties of wood, with natural or lacquered finish for a tone-on-tone result.