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Lacasacontinua, the new Italian showroom in Miami



In the renowned Miami Design District, known for its design shops and art galleries, over.design designed Lacasacontinua, the new 300 square-meters showroom with two entrances and three street-facing windows. It offers end-to-end design services for interior designers, architects, corporate buyers, and real estate developers.

The concept combines the Miami lifestyle with the quality of Italian heritage to create a sophisticated space with dual functionality. On one hand, Lacasacontinua is a reference showroom for surfaces and finishes, showcasing materials such as precious marbles, subtle porcelain shades, and a variety of wallpaper solutions. Additionally, it functions as an inviting and immersive environment for creating turnkey projects with customized proposals for the luxury residential industry.

The showroom features a majestic central display window that showcases art pieces expressed through waves, crafted in porcelain, paying homage to Miami’s oceanic beauty. These pieces are part of a collection created by artists.

The showroom has been designed as an open space that includes various areas, each one dedicated to specific types of materials that interact with one another.

The entrance, located on the left, leads the designer into the area dedicated to porcelain finishes, with a kitchen space and a display section for materials, both custom-designed.

In the same area, you will find, in addition to the office, large rotating panels designed for the placement of large 120×280 porcelain slabs. These panels feature various finishes on both sides and are situated in a space adorned with Eroato armchairs and Atelier Cerasarda coffee tables.

The bar area, located directly opposite the left entrance, is realized with backlit Patagonia marble. The use of large porcelain slabs and marble for elements such as the bar counter and three-dimensional or inlaid finishes creates an ambience that emphasizes the three-dimensionality and high quality of the materials used.

Special attention has been given to the area dedicated to accessible facilities for people with disabilities, featuring a high-impact aesthetic and a striking entrance through the use of red boiserie and a marble sink, part of the Imera collection designed by the studio. Inside this space, Florim porcelain finishes with LED strips create a unique and experiential atmosphere, with distinctive furnishings like Atelier Cerasarda tables designed by the ovre.design® studio.

The right-hand section of the showroom has been designed primarily for the display of marbles and the walk-in closet, enhanced with a unique wallpaper from Inkiostro Bianco and suede material. In this area, you’ll also find a meeting zone and a library section where marble and porcelain finishes are showcased, along with featured products such as sinks and the Imera collection bathtub from FMG Shapes, designed by ovre.design®, and the plumbing fixtures by We are IB.

In conclusion, Lacasacontinua is a continuum of welcoming spaces that make customers feel at home, adorned with marbles, porcelain, and wallpapers, and enhanced by prestigious products from important Italian companies. Every space and detail has been meticulously considered and crafted to create a custom-made showroom and provide an immersive experience of uniqueness that combines innovation and contemporaneity with luxury, design, and comfort.