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Coral Lamp, the light of coral



Coral becomes a lamp. This is the concept of Coral, the family of ceiling and floor lamps by Studio Row, a Japanese lighting design brand founded by Hiroki Hakamada.

Characterized by sculptural shapes, compositional freedom, high-precision handcrafting, the collection is inspired by marine seabeds. The lamp in fact borrows its shape from natural coral – a symbol of strength and rebirth – and dynamically echoes its lines.

With a brass structure and lighting fixtures in satin-finished glass or industrial mesh, Coral can be composed in different ways, giving life to countless configurations. The result is an extremely flexible project that can be used in various kinds of environments: from the most intimate residential contexts to large contract or hospitality spaces. In addition, Coral can be equipped with a dimmer function.

As for all products in the catalogue, each part is finished and assembled entirely by hand. The result is a precious object, the perfect combination of contemporary design and high Japanese craftsmanship.