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Carpet Edition presents MARCANTE-TESTA’s rugs



Simple and refined volumetric shapes characterise the three new collections of hand tufted rugs designed by MARCANTE-TESTA design studio for Carpet Edition.

Carpet Edition Cut Out © Mattia Aquila

Cut Out

The new Cut Out rugs present a cadenced sequence of solids and voids, accompanied by essential lines and soft colors encompassed in an intense and marked profile. The cuts and cutouts of Cut Out dialogue with the pattern and texture of the floor becoming part of the rug itself.

Obtained with rigorous rules, the composition, united with the materiality of the textiles and the alternating “ornamental cutouts” can become the focal point of a room or complete a larger design. The color contrast and the form of Cut Out give life to a product that can define different spaces in the home.

Cut Out is produced in New Zealand Wool (10mm Bouclé) with Tencel profile (14 mm flush Pile) and is available in three different sizes (170×240, 200×300, 250×350) and four-color variations (Soft Pink, Perfect Yellow, Unique Green, and Distended Beige).

If the “cut-out” design sets the narrative of Cut Out, the frame is the overriding theme that the CoDeco collection is developed around.

Carpet Edition CoDeco © Mattia Aquila


The concept of CoDeco takes inspiration from the structure of ancient rugs where the symbolic border defines the design becoming a transitional element between the subject and surrounding space. The frame in both versions – circular and rectangular – defines the perimeter of the rug, while the designs “explode” in the center with ordered geometric patterns.

In the circular version, a bundle of rays radiates around a focal point and reach the decorative border which alternates between ever softer and more rigorous shapes. The same frame is found in the rectangular model where the weave follows a grid of horizontal and vertical lines that overlap and intersect.

CoDeco is made from New Zealand Wool (10 mm Bouclé) and Tencel (16 mm Plush pile). The rectangular version is available in various sizes 170×240, 200×300, 250×350 – and the round version is available in a 240 cm diameter. Colors available for both are Gold Frame with Black Point, Blue Frame with Red Point, Green Frame with Green Point, and Grey Frame with Grey Point.

Carpet Edition Swing Floor © Mattia Aquila

Swing Floor

A monochromatic expanse is surprisingly enriched by a lateral asymmetric frame in the new Swing Floor collection. The decorative motif is a composition of colors, geometric shapes, heights and tufting techniques which give dynamic movement to the rug. The result is an interesting contrast between a continuous surface of color and two lateral borders which “open” and “close” the design of the rug.

On one hand, the pattern is reminiscent of a classic houndstooth texture while on the other hand, a final outline “dilutes” the monochromatic aspect with a fringe-like border.

Swing Floor is produced in New Zealand wool, boiled wool, Hard twist and Tencel with Bouclé and plush pile production techniques. With a choice of dimensions among 170×240, 200×300 and 250×350, the rug is available in Swaying Beige and Leaping Green color variations.