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Catellani & Smith, the outdoor lights blend with nature



The lamps blend with nature, become an integral part of it and create magical and dream-like atmospheres: the outdoor lights of Catellani & Smith work their magic amid the greenery of gardens, terraces and balconies.

The hallmark feature of the models in the More collection is the deliberately irregular surface of the glass diffuser, available in three different finishes – transparent, amber and green – and three different types; in addition, More can be hung up to illuminate pergolas or porticos, or placed on the grass, in the More 0 floor version; a standing version, More F, is also available, with a zinc-plated metal stem that appears to sprout like a bloom from vases or flowerpots.

The outdoor collection also comprises the Sypha line, reminiscent of the long, robust stalk of bamboo cane and perfect for lighting up garden paths or placed amid clusters of lush plants; it features three different models, Syphasera, Syphasfera and Syphaduepassi, all available in a standing version only.

The first of the three, Syphasera, which can be scattered among the vegetation, features a distinctive stem in black painted, varnished brass, brass details and a cylindrical top in opaline glass, while Syphasfera differs in the design of the sphere with an 8 cm diameter in transparent or irregular glass set at the top of the stem; moreover, the stem of Syphaduepassi is fully fashioned in untreated brass, and the distinctive bend in the structure almost seems to mimic a subtle movement created by a breath of wind.

Finally, the green or transparent finishes of Medousê blend seamlessly into the surrounding vegetation: the signature feature of this creation is the artisan-style glass of the lighting element, which is carefully shaped by hand into the desired form before it cools completely.

The Medousê F floor lamp – with a diameter of 30 or 50 cm – is made up of two glass hemispheres with an irregular surface, “divided” by a ring element in brass (in the transparent version) and in aluminium (in the green version), while the Medousê W wall model is composed of a 30 cm glass hemisphere with the same finish as the floor version, which features a brass rod that runs through glass shade.

In conclusion, light and nature become part of the same whole, thanks to the outdoor collection proposed by Catellani & Smith.