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Cersaie 2019, duka previews the new gallery 3000


Innovation begins with tradition. Starting from this slogan, duka previews the new gallery 3000, an important collection of shower enclosures which will be renewed by the company on the occasion of Cersaie 2019 (from September 23rd to 27th in Bologna, Italy).

Faithful representation of the concept of “practical beauty “, sought in every single project by duka, gallery 3000 has in fact always been a family of products with a rational and custom-oriented design, a combination of flexibility, ergonomics, functionality and an excellent quality / price ratio.

Six years after entering the market, in order to project it again in the future both in terms of aesthetic dictates and technical innovations, duka has applied all the improvements conceived and developed in recent years to the collection: an example  is the UV bonding technology of the metal elements on the glass, which avoids  holes and  screws in the glass, eliminating the dirty deposits; furthermore, the surface of the glue is as bright as the hinge, for greater uniformity of the whole.

But that’s not all: in the new gallery 3000, duka has also provided a complete restyling of the hinges, more harmonious and allowing easy and adjustable internal / external opening, and also of the handles, now with an ergonomic and safe grip, even with wet hands.

Finally, the anti-flooding profiles of gallery 3000 also change, now with the latest system developed by duka that improves water tightness and in a material  resisting  even longer over time, without deforming or color changes.

In conclusion, this year again, gallery 3000, duka’s must-have, continues its magnificent journey, confirming itself as a stylistically transversal and technologically innovative product: a reliable, very elegant and completely customizable shower enclosure, in terms of shape and size. Discover it at Cersaie.