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From concept to finished product, Duka is the ”Made in Italy” that furnishes the contemporary bathroom space.

Planning and building shower enclosures as furnishing elements of the highest quality, both technical and formal, capable of defining living trends and spreading a new concept of well-being to live the bathroom environment in maximum comfort and safety, is the basis of the Duka philosophy.
Furnishing this place means to combine the word design with the concepts of well-being, hygiene, healthiness, performance, durability, reliability and safety. For this reason, each duka product is designed and manufactured to ensure an optimal result, both in terms of aesthetics and performance. Thus, the time spent in the shower can be transformed into a real daily “pampering” for mind and body.

How a Duka shower enclosure is born

Innovation, technology and high quality raw materials are the basis of the creation process of a Duka shower enclosure. The production is carried out exclusively at the headquarters in Bressanone, one of the most impressive and outstanding constructions recently built in South Tyrol. It is an extraordinary example of innovative construction developed around Industry 4.0, where software, machines and people work together. Many of the operations leading to the construction of a shower enclosure are assisted by machinery, but for duka manual work is fundamental. In fact, the products ‘thrive’ thanks to the precision of
man’s work. In the assembly phase, for example, each individual enclosure is the responsibility of one single person, which contributes to high quality standards.
Duka only uses tempered safety glass, which is characterised by high resistance to impact, thermal rejection and increased bending strength. The glass is directly sourced from Duka’s factories located near Venice and is cut to the millimetre in a very short time, a plus that allows for great flexibility. This translates into very fast and competitive delivery times for the finished product.

The aluminium, which comes from a specialised Austrian supplier, a world leader in aluminium production, is processed in-house to ensure the quality of the materials and compliance with European safety standards and regulations at all stages of production. Every year, Duka processes around 1,300 tonnes of aluminium, for around 400 different profile types.

Thanks to an important design and construction know-how, Duka is a constant innovation both in the production processes and in the wide range of products offered and in the quality of the service, able to offer 360° assistance. Each shower enclosure is made to order, in fact, there is no warehouse, finished by hand and supported by the best technologies. The design, aesthetic research and attention to detail of each duka solution are combined with high standards of practicality, safety, top quality and customization. The consumer can, in this way, count on an excellent, reliable, functional and long-lasting product.

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