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multi-S 4000 new, Duka’s tailor-made solution



The multi-S 4000 shower enclosure series represents one of the most iconic Duka and long-lasting solutions. In its renewed version multi-S 4000 reveals greater aesthetic purity, dictated by a new, more delicate formal minimalism, also in the details, and a higher functionality. It is an ideal product for furnishing any bathroom environment thanks to the many variants/models available and to numerous technical and aesthetic details that make it possible to meet the most diverse design requirements. multi-S 4000 improves functional performance and associates the concept of beauty with that of comfort, reliability and safety, thus ensuring maximum well-being while showering.

multi-S 4000 new

The particularly versatile “character” of the multi-S 4000 series is also emphasized by the simplicity and speed of installation, the ease of cleaning, the product’s great durability, but most of all, thanks to the special tailormade solutions, which ensure maximum adaptability to the user’s specific needs. It furnishes any shower space, fulfils needs or solves problems in a wide variety of situations, such as partial or complete renovations or new constructions. It characterizes any context, even those with uneven floors, confined spaces or architectural obstacles/obstacles.

multi-S 4000 new

For the whole series, even for the tailor-made solutions, is now also available the new adhesive wall profile mounting technique dukafix. The new mounting technique does not involve drilling holes in the wall, which allows for quicker and easier and installation as well as a unique +/- 2mm extensibility. The new “invisible system” has been developed to respect the essential design, lightness of form and high functionality and, above all, to make installation even easier.


Thanks to the customization possibilities and all the features that make the multi-S 4000 new line a truly versatile solution with a practical and contemporary essence, Duka has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2024.