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Ciak, the surprising coffee table by Alma Design


The coffee table is an essential piece of furniture for any space, not only inside the living area, but also in contract contexts, such as lounge bars, restaurants and waiting rooms, or in spaces dedicated to hospitality.

Being a protagonist of the space, the coffee table has to be smart: Alma Design reinterprets the iconic Ciak coffee table, designed by MrSmith Studio, to transform it into a dining complement or footing with many personalities. 

Created to complete the indoor and suitable also for outdoor spaces for its features of durability, UV rays and atmospheric agents resistance, Ciak is a 3 stars frame tip-up table with gentle design and strong during use, that permits the creation of multiple combinations and personalizations thanks to the changing soul. 

The frame is available in polished aluminium or painted in 7different colors: white, grass green, teal blue, red, sand, mustard and anthracite; the top, round (available in D 60 or D 90 cm) or square can be realized in painted steel, matching the colors of the frame, or in HPL in white, black and red color. 

Ciak is not only functional, but also extraordinarily versatile: the top can be fix or 90° foldable thanks to a strong and practical aluminium mechanism that permits easy and quick storing of the tables and, consequently, to spare space. 

Being the expression of a rational and essential design, Ciak is the perfect piece of furniture to combine practicality, functionality and aesthetic, thanks to always different and surprising looks.