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Colibrì, DVO expands the acoustic collection for the office



In 2020 DVO, Italian leading company for the office furniture, presents its new proposal: in particular, among the new projects, there is the expansion of the DV300 Colibrì acoustic collection, the system of sound-absorbing objects conceived and designed to improve the quality of life of the individual in particularly crowded and noisy environments.

Abanico (“folding fan” in Spanish), designed by Mario Mazzer, is the new project that deals with acoustic and sound control: it is a multicolor product that can be easily positioned on desks and it is inspired by the language of the fan of the eighteenth-century ladies, an intimate setting to promote one’s privacy and respect for colleagues at the same time.

Arco (Whynot design) is a reinterpretation of the sound-absorbing panel in an iconic-architectural key: the shape it inspires – the round arch – brings with it an important meaning in the history of architecture and allows the object to be inserted into the space in a coherent and fluid way.

Personal Divider (Whynot design) aims to recreate that personal privacy that often fails in flexible spaces and is developed on two different levels: a freestanding dividing panel with small dimensions, resting discreetly on the table, and a more articulated totem, which collects these small personal dividers into a single set, allowing maximum customization in terms of finishes and colors.

Finally, Lemon (Canepa/Incombenti design), composed of several overlapping layers of sound-absorbing fabric: it gives movement to the overall figure and allowing to play with the colors and finishes; thanks to its flexibility, Lemon can be installed on the wall or ceiling or exist as an independent element and the result is a transverse sound-absorbing program that can be positioned in the interior, HoReCa and retail sectors, thanks to its harmonious mix of graphics, fabrics and lighting.

All products in the collection are also available with the newest antibacterial fabrics, containing a special silver ion thread with very high antibacterial properties, permanent and not influenced by wear or cleaning.

Personalization, creativity and wellness: with these key words DV300 Colibrì proposals interpret the most current office furnishing needs.