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Dieffebi, from office to lifestyle



Dieffebi has been rethinking office environments and shared spaces since the 1970s. The company has established itself as a B2B partner for leading firms in the industry and recently they have working with designers to develop innovative work systems that are flexible, modular and ergonomic, and can be used to create comfortable working and living environments.

Club Sofa

In recent years, in particular, the company has been working on the home/office concept, which has become an important issue with the rise of remote work and the push for a better work-life balance. Dieffebi has been refining its design codes and introducing concepts of visual and acoustic comfort to keep up with changing habits and needs.

Line Bookcase – Ph. Tiziano Sartorio

In addition, the appointment of Elisa Ossino as art director in 2022 has enhanced Dieffebi’s manufacturing expertise with her light and elegant style and refined colour palettes.

Zoey Table Stool

The end result is furniture that is dynamic, efficient and customisable. It can be integrated with technology to meet all ergonomic, technical and functional requirements, helping to create a welcoming atmosphere, evoking a sense of empathy, and producing a feel of warmth by shaping emotional scenarios.

Mate Cabinet

The careful selection of materials, softer lines and finishes, the reduction in thicknesses, the impact of colour, the emphasis on essential shapes, the configuration of different arrangements based on the size and space – all these factors point to a renewed focus on people, connections and a sense of well-being that spaces create.