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DROPS, De Castelli’s tables are like water droplets



The traditional technique of manually hammering and shaping copper meets contemporary design thanks to DROPS, the family of coffee tables in three different sizes designed by Zanellato/Bortotto studio for De Castelli.

DROPS tables are inspired by the unexpected, irregular shapes of water droplets on a surface and are characterised by soft, familiar lines that harmoniously integrate with everyday settings.

In addition, the new DeNuance finish from De Castelli further enhances the copper tops, giving each piece an organic, natural look through the combination of fire, oxidation and pigments; in particular, DeNuance and Verderame breathe life into a fresh combination of tones inspired by water and the way it moves. De Castelli metals now have a new look, rich in depth and an infinite range of hues.

The result is a collection of great scenic impact, in which the material is the absolute protagonist.