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duka, the expressive potential of glass for shower enclosures


In order to transform the bathroom into a space where style meets wellness, duka proposes a collection of shower enclosures characterized by sophisticated glass finishes and studied in every technical and formal detail, including tailor-made configurations.

In addition to classic and timeless transparent glass, duka offers various glass versions, from transparent glass with white or anthracite silk-screen print at the upper edge of the glass, through Parsol grey and Cincillà with relief motifs on the surface, to the Privé glass with a central white satirical silkscreen print on the glass.

The variety of glass also includes up to the most sought-after and sophisticated finishes, such as the chromium mirror glass: achieved through an intricate vacuum process, by cathode sputtering and without the deposition of silver or aluminium on the surface, it does not alter the characteristics of the shower glass and can be tempered and even treated, so that it can withstand watermarks and lime scale; Nubes, the silk-screen print finish that starts at the base of the shower enclosure and fades upwards, diminishing its intensity and creating a striking scenic effect; the Parsol grey Privé finish with anthracite silk-screen in the centre of the glass gives the shower enclosure a particularly rigorous and sophisticated look.

Whichever finish, duka uses only tempered safety glass from its own factories near Venice, where the glass is cut to the millimetre in a very short time. It is then transported to the headquarters in Bressanone, where the entire production takes place. Glass is characterised by high resistance to impact, temperatures and bending.

In addition to the variety of finishes available for hinges, handles and profiles, the glass of duka shower enclosures is designed to retain its qualities in terms of safety, strength and beauty for a long time.