Experimentation and matter: the concept of Mariani Collection

May 26, 2020

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Experimentation and matter: the concept of Mariani Collection


Experimentation and matter: this is where the inspiration of Mariani Collection comes from, a personal collection of products designed by the architect Maurizio Morazzoni that includes tables, coffee tables, sideboards, cupboards, lamps characterized by a researched combination of materials such as metal, wood, crystals, marbles and personalized fabrics, also with innovative treatments.

Bookcases, tables, sideboards are the main part of the collection, where it plays a crucial role the wood, and they distinguish for their details, for the choice and combination of different colors, for the customization of shapes and dimensions and for the ability to combine different materials each other.

Ted Table, Fettuccia Library, Bax Sideboard, Rombo Table and Gastone Consolle are part of the Mariani collection, that is never the same: each detail becomes a high quality design object because it is personalized and unique, custom-made for each client, reflecting the personal taste, enriched by the masterful touch of the architect.