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Fantin presents the new Outdoor Frame Kitchen



Over the last few years, the outdoor space has become more and more important for the contemporary home. This is the reason why Fantin proposes the new Outdoor Frame Kitchen designed by Salvatore Indriolo.

The outdoor version of the multi-award winning kitchen workstation is now available thanks to electrophoretic painting processes that prevent rust from forming and offer outstanding protection from the elements.

Outdoor Frame Kitchens are offered in 14 colour finishes (divided into basic, metallic and earth) with two or three units (128 cm or 188 cm in width) and Barazza steel tops; they can be fitted with a built-in stainless steel gas barbecue.

On top of the functional versatility resulting from the framework, further flexibility is offered by a breathtaking colour palette (containing 46 different options for indoor Frame Kitchens), from delicate tones to rich hues.

Sustainability is fundamental: Fantin products are almost exclusively made of entirely metal pieces that are 100% recyclable, with non-toxic powder coatings.