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For No One, GIOPAGANI’s table is a blend of form and material



For the New York Salon Art + Design fair, Italian brand GIOPAGANI, founded by architect and designer Gio Pagani, presented For No One table in collaboration with American design boutique GARDE.

Gio Pagani’s eclectic and evocative design approach comes with noble materials and artisanal craftsmanship, rooted in the aesthetic and manufacturing culture of the early 20th century.

In particular, the minimalist and brutalist design of For No One table springs from the choice of a raw and organic material, Ambrosia marble, which the designer transforms into a sculptural object.

The tautness of the stone, accentuated by the bold tabletop, harmonizes with the solid semi-circular monolithic legs, softened by a graphic touch of matte black metal at the base.

Conceived, designed, and entirely crafted in Italy, For No One – available in both round and large versions – conveys the monumentality and primal strength of a millennia-old and resilient material; the patterns and shades, enhanced by intricate artisanal techniques that carve, assemble, and restore the stone, intertwine seamlessly with cutting-edge technologies.

In addition, the choice of Ambrosia marble for the For No One table pays tribute to the tradition of the Masters: its warm, earthy chromatic texture, featuring shades of brown, gray, and cream, harks back to the Ceppo di Grè marble that contributed to Milan’s grandeur between the two World Wars, beloved by architects like Piero Portaluppi.

The craftsmanship and sensitivity of Italian artisans, who can acknowledge these traces and the way history and time transform the surfaces of stones, woods, buildings, and the architectural environment, enables the creation of products that transcend time.