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iDOGI, the magic of Venetian art glass in Milan



Last December, iDOGI Spazio Milano was inaugurated in Milan as an exclusive place to meet the magic of Venetian art glass, thanks to iDOGI, a company founded in 1968 to innovate a centuries-old tradition and create chandeliers, furniture and light sculptures for some of the world’s most prestigious palaces and villas.


iDOGI Spazio Milano is conceived to exchange ideas and welcome customers and designers. Domenico Caminiti, President of iDOGI, explains: “To date, we work with the best master glassmakers and craftspeople in Venice, where we have our showroom and headquarters – plus a furnace and experimental hub on Murano island. With iDOGI Spazio Milano, we wish to extend a creative network that is increasingly open to the whole world. And at the same time we want to preserve and innovate the world of Venetian art glass, because this is the future of this sector.”


Located in Foro Buonaparte 55 and protected by a splendid inner courtyard, iDOGI Spazio Milano is lit by a large skylight and an en plein air area surrounded by climbing plants. Here shine two large Rezzonico-style chandeliers, while also in the central hall is the large luminous Quadrante table surmounted by the horizontal Long Island chandelier. In the entrance hall, Parthenon, a modular system of luminous architectural features, animates the entire wall and dialogues with the luminous bookcase Galassia.


The space also includes a design room with a material library and Planetarium, one of iDOGI’s latest experimental creations. Caminiti concludes: “Which is where iDOGI Spazio Milano comes in, and is why we’re designing Murano’s first hybrid furnace, and working on new collections that stem from the traditional design of Rezzonico chandeliers by breaking them down and recomposing them.