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laCividina’s first showroom in Milan



laCividina, the Friulian upholstery and furnishing company, inaugurates its first Milanese exhibition space, redefined in its architecture by Luca Botto, also Art Director of the brand.

The 250 square metres – in which more than twenty iconic collections and unpublished pieces find their natural setting – are revealed in a natural succession of ‘rooms not rooms’, conceived to be transformed according to needs.

Right from the entrance, the pathway develops in a fluid, comfortable, material way; a result to which the precise interior choices curated by Studio Salaris and inspired by the historic residence itself contribute. From Nicosia green, to dark brown, to rust, from light blue to blue passing through indigo, from resin to oak parquet to pre-existing marble, the chromatic choices and the careful selection of complements, carpets and fabrics, offer sensations of tranquillity and warmth for an impactful result.

Nature and its tones become the absolute protagonists: dusty and pastel nuances such as pink, beige and dove grey colour the walls, which become the backdrop for the lively laCividina upholstery.

The third room is transformed into an exceptional stage for Osaka, the sinuous sofa that Pierre Paulin designed in 1967 and that the company masterfully reissued in 2013.

The lighting – provided by brand partner Leucos – has the task of guiding the visitor through the narration of the products, made even more effective and immersive by Inside‘s touch screens that optimise consultations and design phases.

Various complements embellish all the rooms: the Carpet Edition rugs, Paola Paronetto‘s ceramic creations, Studio Terrae‘s sculptural vases.

In the last room, dedicated to the office world, are the chairs and tables by Passoni Design, and the Taco armchair by Alessandro Stabile, recently included in the prestigious ADI Design Index 2023, thus winning a well-deserved nomination for the next edition of the famous ADI Compasso d’Oro award.

Quality, attention to detail, perfection in form, sustainable materials: finally, laCividina’s values can be experienced from today, at 41 Via Manzoni, Milan.