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Casa Fefe, a space filled with light



Casa Fefe is the result of the renovation of a flat of about 250 square metres located in a residential area in Northern Rome for a young couple.

In the project, designed by architect Michela Ekstrom of Ö Michela Ekström Architettura, in collaboration with architect Sara Ceccoli, two sculptural volumes reconfigure the space.

The first, in black, consisting of double-sided storage compartments, a fireplace, a TV cabinet, and integrated sliding and swinging doors, generates new scenarios and defines different functional areas that nevertheless maintain a strong physical and visual relationship. Space here is therefore fluid, flexible, open to the privileged view of the surrounding nature.

The second volume, a device 11 metres long and 0.90 m deep made entirely of natural and burnt oak, becomes a container element, a separating element, an access to the bedrooms. Its physicality manifests itself in the entrance and living area and defines the axiality of the pathways.

The third element used transversally is the mirror. Inserted in a punctual manner in the living area and in the connection points between the oak volume and the partitions, it modifies the perception of the spatial subdivision and dimension of the individual elements.

Natural materials chase each other, reflect each other, dialogue with their physicality within a large space filled with light, which is the essence of Casa Fefe.