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Black Flag, the rebellious light by Konstantin Grcic for Flos



Black Flag, whose name is inspired by the famous punk rock band, is the latest result of Flos‘ collaboration with German designer Konstantin Grcic: an extensible wall lamp that illuminates up to 2,5 meters from its frame, composed of one vertical and three horizontal bars, designed to take up minimum space when closed and provide maximum illumination when open.

Black Flag has a centerpiece function: minimal and light, it becomes a strong presence in a room, due to the geometries created by the three extensible bars that compose it.

When these are closed, adhering to the vertical bar, Black Flag looks like a sculpture affixed to the wall, a minimalist composition reminiscent of Suprematist art which also recalls a flag. On the other hand, the moment it is opened, the extendable arms carry the light up to three meters and sixty centimeters from the frame, transforming what was a discreet presence into an illuminating centerpiece, functioning like a pendant.

The result is a powerful and homogeneous illumination, designed to perfectly cover even a large work surface, or a wide living area and many other types of spaces.

In addition, all the extendable elements that make up Black Flag feature a direct upward light, while the third horizontal bar emits both upward and downward light. This serves to balance the main light source and ensures maximum visual comfort.

Technology and sustainability

Black Flag is available in standard and PRO versions.

In the PRO version, the lamp features the most innovative control tools: on the wall bar, soft touch controls allow the light sources to be dimmed separately, downwards and upwards, and to modulate the color temperature of the light thanks to the Tunable White technology, to make it more or less warm according to requirements.

This version, which is compatible with a circadian lighting system, can also be connected to a building automation system for lighting control with DALI and Bluetooth Casambi protocols.

The PRO version is also equipped with an Eco Mode function, a sensor that adjusts light intensity according to the surrounding environment to reduce consumption, extending the life of the lamp and maintaining a constant lighting value on the task plan.

Konstantin Grcic explains:

«The Black Flag lamp embodies the rebellious spirit of its namesake while also serving as a functional and striking piece of design. Its unique ability to extend up to 3,5 meters from the wall brings light to the heart of any space, while its folded form resembles a sleek and powerful sculpture. It’s a statement piece that commands attention, yet remains humble in its purpose. »