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Light and design, the new Stilnovo meets MA[&]DE collection


At the beginning 2019 Linea Light Group acquired Stilnovo, the historic lighting brand that has dominated the scene since 1946, the year it was founded in Milan by Bruno Gatta: today, the iconic Stilnovo products meet the latest innovations of the MA[&]DE line, a natural combination ready to amaze the world of design and lighting.

In fact, the Stilnovo meets MA[&]DE collection generates a catalogue of lamps in which design and its expressive charge become the bearers of innovation and culture in all its forms, a synthesis of a work of research and experimentation, thanks to the design of great masters that it always current.

The close cooperation with personalities of the calibre of Giovanni Luigi Gorgoni, the Studio D’Urbino-Lomazzi and Ignazia Favata, together with the study of original sketches and pieces dating back to the Sixties and Seventies, have made it possible to breathe life back into a collection of great Stilnovo classics.

These supplement the MA[&]DE products with their highly innovative technological design that are never an end in themselves, with their minimal and elegant designs: the attention to the slightest details, the search for the perfect junction and mobile parts with movements that are always fluid, the use of non-invasive technologies allows the MA[&]DE collection to be one step ahead of both aesthetic and material new trends.

The result is Stilnovo meets MA[&]DE: a series of lamps adapted to the most modern environments where the possibility of mixing great classics with contemporary products becomes the key to reading new spaces, both residential and contract.