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Lights in nature: Catellani & Smith for Casa nel Bosco



In Seccheto, an enchanting wooded area on the island of Elba, the photographer and interior designer Adriano Bacchella completed Casa nel Bosco, the renovation project of a property dating back to the second half of the 1800s which has been recently renovated with extensive use and re-use of local materials.

Blocks of Elba granite, visible on the exterior façade and left exposed in several points inside the house, exposed beams and logs of acacia all go beautifully with the almost primitive look of the wood used for many of the furnishings. Consequently, the rustic feel inside the little house is timeless, even cosier and more welcoming thanks to the lighting by Catellani & Smith, which illuminates every room and the enchanting outdoor space too.

In the kitchen, a Light Stick CW in the satin gold version frames the solid granite architrave above the small window. The minimalist lines of this lamp elegantly grant light itself the utmost freedom, illuminating the work surface and highlighting the characteristic unevenness of the walls. Light Stick, this time in the V version, is also installed in the hallway from the kitchen to the living room. The wall-mounted satin gold bar lights up a space reminiscent of a striking black and white photograph.

Moving through to the living room, the space is dominated by Turciù, a sophisticated “tangle” of lights – with a mouldable shape thanks to the flexible brass arms – and Lucenera, in both table and floor versions. A versatile collection, designed to put light itself centre-stage, depending on the subject illuminated. The model is characterised by a black carbon tube and flexible support.

Also positioned in various spots around the room, for example on the chest next to the armoire with wickerwork doors, and on the wooden shelf opposite the window, are Giulietta BE T portable lamps which switch on with a simple touch of the hand. Thanks to battery operation and the absence of cables, this model can also be easily transported around the house and positioned where needed.

The bedroom, with its beautiful wood-clad ceiling, is a calming space with a warm colour palette. On either side of the small double bed, two CicloItalia Flex W1 provide a comfortable light in this small, cosy room. The mobile arm of the wall lamp allows the light beam to be adjusted as needed, making the lamp a handy reading light.

Like the bedroom, the bathroom too is characterised by a stunning ceiling with wooden beams, and blocks of exposed granite on the walls. Light shines onto the wooden-framed mirrors thanks to U. W Flex lamps with a black, semi-cylindrical, flexible screen designed to direct light wherever required.

Moving outside, the house is surrounded by rustic pergolas built from strong acacia trunks. In the covered veranda area to the side of the house is an outdoor living space with upholstered seating and a dining table, where two different sizes of Medousê F provide impressive statement pieces. In this lamp, the light source is housed inside a sphere comprised of two transparent glass bowls with an irregular, textured surface. The glass sculpture is complemented by other Giulietta BE T lamps positioned on the large outdoor table for enjoyable, convivial summer evenings.

Lastly, nestling amid clumps of vegetation and crevices in the rocks are Fil de Fer in various different sizes: the primeval beauty of stone, coupled with the warmth of the tiny led bulbs that stud the tangled ball of aluminium wire, creates a magical and truly spectacular effect.